Linda L Franklin is a writer, clinical social worker and psychotherapist. She is also a “birthmother” of her first son given up to adoption in 1964. Since being encouraged by her youngest son to search for his brother, she located her now adult son and developed a relationship with him and his family.

She has written her memoir, River of Connection, about her search and reunion. She is currently in the process of final revision and expects to publish her story by Spring of 2019. Linda’s book is the powerful account of her decision to discover her son’s identity and to pursue a relationship with him, leading to the joy of reconnecting with her lost son and of healing the grief that she uncovered in that process. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of Chapter One, please click here to fill out the form on the BOOKS page.

Linda wants you, her reader, to journey along with her on her challenging, always interesting and ultimately healing story of loss, discovery and recovery. No matter your own struggles, Linda believes you, too, can overcome great obstacles and achieve development of your truest and best self.