River of Connection – Expected publication in Spring, 2019

In my memoir, I tell the story of growing up in the Bible Belt of Northeast Texas with a mentally ill, verbally abusive father and a dutiful unhappy mother who is killed in a car accident at the end of my first year of college. Next year, I become pregnant and am abandoned by my boyfriend, who avoids marriage and encourages adoption, and by my father, who pretends ignorance of my pregnancy. I enter one of the then common homes for unwed mothers and, despite my misgivings, give up my baby for adoption in 1964.

Thirty-six years later, one of the two sons I raised encourages me to look for his brother. I overcome my fears and decide to search for this son, find him, and finally meet him, thus opening up both joy and buried grief that lead to my healing.

Everyone experiences loss. It is in having the courage to grieve, that we can heal those losses.

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