First, the writing is terrific for so many reasons.  The imagery is powerful as are the metaphors such as the trash pickup by the flight attendant representing the haunting image of the tossing away of your son! The verbs are active and powerful.

Many memoirs (and less than stellar novels I have read) I feel like are peppered with vacuous, obvious rhetorical questions that I find boring, gratuitous and annoying. In contrast, here they are deep, meaningful, and specific to the characters that may not be so obvious to the reader.

Janie Evans

I became too engrossed in the book to do anything but read. I didn’t look at craft or grammar. I think this is an amazing, amazing book. I felt as though I was in the narrators experience…living in Texas, dealing with daddy, hearing that Judy was the beautiful one. I could see your mother in her fine clothing, matching shoes and gloves. I could smell the land. Your book brought me so deeply into the physical and emotional feelings before the birth, during, and for all the years after. I learned about an experience I’ve never had personally, but feel I have a knowing from your book.

Joanne Jones

Wow! What a powerful story!  You are a beautiful writer, and your story contains such wisdom.    I learned so much about the whole adoption/birth mother/issue.

Barbara Tellman

Your memoir is quite suspenseful and that was a bonus for me!  … High marks for suspense and pacing!… You brought me right inside your mind/body….                       A marvelous ability to write dialogue.  Just marvelous.

Julia Mullen

You are an absolutely wonderful writer. My gosh…such an emotional, heart wrenching story. It caught my attention from page one. It was very easy to follow your thought process…

Linda Ankeney

Thank you, again, for sending Chapter 1.  It was riveting.
Bill Flaccus