Agency Background
My career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker spans almost forty years and entails work with individuals in psychotherapy, as well as work in multiple agencies, including for people with developmental disabilities, brain trauma, chronic pain, medical illnesses, mental illnesses, and chemical dependencies. I never did, nor would have, worked in adoptions

Private Practice
Ultimately, I gravitated to offering individual therapy in outpatient psychiatric settings to people facing a wide range of depressive, anxious, traumatic, abuse-related and grief and loss issues. I now maintain only a part-time private practice in my detached home office and am not taking new patients.

Adoption Specialty
Since opening up my own adoption loss story, I realized how few of my psychotherapist colleagues have specialized understanding of the lifelong grief and trauma experienced by so many birth parents and adoptees. In fact, most of my colleagues do not understand that adoption loss creates lifelong grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, guilt and many other problems. In undertaking my own search and reunion, I uncovered my own intense grief and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Even a casual reading of postings by adoptees on social media documents that many of them struggle with parallel symptoms, exacerbated by issues of abandonment, attachment and sense of loss of self .

Before retiring from taking new patients, I specialized in helping first/birth parents and adoptees with these issues.

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